Benefit Administration Services

Benefit Profiles has managed over 200 cases and 15,000 members on Ease.

  • Groups as small as 5 and as big as 2,000

Employee Navigator

  • With the acquisition of Ease by Navigator, BPI will be your leader in the transition between benefit administration systems
  • The Cason Group is the largest license holder of Navigator in the country
    • There for us to aid in busy times or with cases that might be a better fit
    • Cases where 1 on 1 enrollment are needed
    • National footprint agencies with a Cason Group centered strategy

Employee Education

  • As a partner to BPI, we can utilize The Cason Group as a resource to organize a full one-on-one enrollment experience for your groups and their employees.

Benefit Profiles has been an EASE GA in Michigan since 2015

  • Over 200 cases and 15,000 members on EASE
  • Groups as small as 5 and as big as 2,000

Employee Navigator

  • BPI owns a subscription and is happy to work on Navigator cases
    • EASE is where we are best
  • The Cason Group is our partner for 100+ groups on Navigator
    • 70 employees in their ben admin department
    • Over 1,600 groups on Navigator

Employee Education

  • The Cason Group will organize a full one-on-one enrollment experience for your groups and their employees
  • On EASE or Navigator

How it works


- Contact Tammy Healey
- We will collect details of the case
- We may go to market to analyze the opportunity from a GA perspective


We will create a proposal outlining scope of duties and cost


We will provide a demo of Navigator and discuss timelines with the prospect, if interested


We will provide agreements for client signature


We will manage carrier connections, including manual membership

Ongoing Member Management

Both BPI and The Cason Group will commit to managing ‘connections’ between Navigator and the Carriers. We do not manage carriers manually with whom we don’t have a GA contract and we don’t manage COBRA manually.

How much
does it cost?

BPI’s base fee is $5.00 PEPM
for groups of 250 or below.

This can be offset with overrides
from ancillary carriers.

  • Fee can be offset by ancillary or medical override
    • If no override is available, we will work on a fee
  • Agencies who quote direct with the carriers work with their reps to include BPI as the GA to pay for the ben admin service.
  • We underwrite this per opportunity and will even work quid pro quo if other business is coming in.
  • The Cason Group works off a similar model but has a different set of GA carrier relationships.


Said that their benefit counselors provided good advice
Said they are satisfied with the benefits package they are offered
Said they feel more confident in their benefit elections after meeting with a benefit counselor
Said they have a better understanding of their benefits & employer contributions
employees enrolled into the new value based plan​
employees met with a benefits counselor
0 %
increase in participation in the accident plan
0 %
increase in participation in the critical illness plan
0 %

Dominic Siciliano

President, Agent Consultant

Over his 18 years in the benefits business Dominic has worked in the Medicare Advantage, small group Blue Cross medical, ancillary GA and large group benefit admin space here in Michigan. His parents and biggest influences, Patricia Siciliano and John McClain, instilled in him the key pillar to GA benefits business—relationships with agents and carriers. Dominic has served as the NABIP West Michigan President twice. He’s run the golf outing several years going and he served at the Legislative Co Chair for the State Board during the passing of PPACA. His Friday morning classes, Employee Benefits 101, is highly regarded in the industry as a practical, real world introduction to the business for new folks. In short, he is passionate about our business and about seeing agents succeed. 

Dominic loves golf and basketball but as he gets older, golf more. He’s a Western grad but a State fan! He most enjoys spending time with wife Janelle and four children outdoors and Up North! From the very early days of BPI when it was just him and Lena in a tiny little office, he hasn’t changed, it’s about getting the job done for agents.