What’s The Benefit? – Episode #1 – ICHRA

There is a paradigm shift happening in the group benefits space. It may be slow to develop. It may be on the fringe. But it is happening, it is growing and it is something for you to watch and possibly offer to your group clients.

In this episode, Dominic interviews Aaron Spurlock, Sales Representative from The Cason Group about his extensive experience and work in the ICHRA space. The Cason Group is a national General Agency and specifically in South Carolina, ICHRAs have been a meaningful option for small group since 202). Aaron has headed up Cason Group’s ICHRA initiative and has been involved with hundreds of quotes and 170 new ICHRA implementations. He has also participated in the research team to find a national partner for the large group space.

We discuss Aaron’s experience; the basic definition of ICHRA; what legislation made it relevant; and why it is becoming a real alternative for groups in the 50+ self-funded or experience-rated space. We dive into the ‘family glitch’ executive order which now allows for employees’ dependents to access a subsidy on the exchange, a subtle but powerful game changer for the ICHRA space. Finally, we discuss the negatives to the concept. What exactly is an agent’s role in this process? How do we address enrollment? Does the technology work? What is the ramp up and timeline?

I am very proud that this is our very first episode because it is entirely relevant and useful now and very much into the future.