Who Benefits with an ICHRA?

Why ICHRA in the Michigan Market?

ICHRA is a viable option in Michigan for large cases with high renewals. It is not as much an option in the small market as the individual rates are so much higher than the ACA. Think ICHRA for ERS and self-funded groups who experience double digit rate increases year after year or for large populations of employees who may be transient or seasonal (i.e. staffing, hospitality firms).

BPI Partners with Sureco and The Cason Group for ICHRA

  • BPI collects quoting information and leads the front-end consolation
  • Sureco is the TPA in charge of quoting, processing and implementing ICHRA
  • The Cason Group runs the enrollment and roll out including consulting with agent and group on a timeline


The employer benefits because they get to set their contribution and get out of the claims business. No more worrying about 25%+ renewals each year, no more worrying about how an employee’s health is going to impact the rates of your group, and no more trying to make sure you picked the best plan benefits to offer your employees. You simply set the defined contribution, and your employee uses that money to shop for the best plan that fits their needs.


Rather than choosing between a base and a buy-up option, employees will be able to consult with a licensed agent to find the best individual policy that is tailored to their needs

ICHRA With the Cason Group

Individual plans require an individual attention for each employee to ensure your group’s employees are enrolled in the right coverage, network, and premium that fits their needs and budget. Benefit Profiles Inc and The Cason Group can help construct a contribution strategy that wins, help the broker best communicate this new product to the employer, and provide 1 on 1 consultation with employees through their licensed and appointed in-house enrollment team.

How it works


Quote & Cost Analysis

- ICHRA Census
- Current Rates
- SBCs & Plan Designs


Proposal Review Call With Broker

- Proposal Reviews
- ICHRA Education with Client
- Co-Selling


Platform Build

- HRIS Payroll Integration
- Employee / Dependent Information
- ICHRA Plans & Docs
- Ancillary & Worksite


Build Walkthrough

Benefit coordinator walks through the primary group contact + primary agency contact before official enrollment starts


Initial Benefit Education Options

- Onsite Enrollment (Group or One-on-One)
- Enrollment Support (with Bilingual options)
- Platform Enrollment Support


Ongoing New Hire Support

- Enrollment Support Center
- Platform Enrollment
- Support

Dominic Siciliano

President, Agent Consultant

Over his 18 years in the benefits business Dominic has worked in the Medicare Advantage, small group Blue Cross medical, ancillary GA and large group benefit admin space here in Michigan. His parents and biggest influences, Patricia Siciliano and John McClain, instilled in him the key pillar to GA benefits business—relationships with agents and carriers. Dominic has served as the NABIP West Michigan President twice. He’s run the golf outing several years going and he served at the Legislative Co Chair for the State Board during the passing of PPACA. His Friday morning classes, Employee Benefits 101, is highly regarded in the industry as a practical, real world introduction to the business for new folks. In short, he is passionate about our business and about seeing agents succeed. 

Dominic loves golf and basketball but as he gets older, golf more. He’s a Western grad but a State fan! He most enjoys spending time with wife Janelle and four children outdoors and Up North! From the very early days of BPI when it was just him and Lena in a tiny little office, he hasn’t changed, it’s about getting the job done for agents.