Aetna AFA

Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) is the premiere level funding program in Michigan. Competitive rates, great network, consistent renewals have helped our partner agents bring their clients a viable alternative to the fully insured options in Michigan.

Aetna Quoting, Service, and Sales Consultation​

Ongoing Experience Reporting

Complimentary Ben Admin Build and Maintenance

Member Management​

Ongoing Service​

New Business Processing​

Quoting, spreadsheeting​

(AFA) Small Group Level Funding

    • Groups 2-100 Benefit Eligible Employees in Michigan
    • No health applications needed for groups with over 15 enrolled
      • These groups are quoted using “GRx” underwriting
      • Groups below 15, FormFire is available for online completion
        • Guaranteed 7% Rate Cap on groups of 10+ that complete health applications
      • POSII Network is very strong state-wide and especially in SE Michigan
      • Participation down to 30% for all groups
      • $40 Adjustable PEPM 
      • Deeper discounts on groups leaving BCBS
      • Year-round Admin Credits

Value Added Benefits

  • Peerfit Program – Network of Gyms and Fitness Classes
  • CVS Presence in Michigan
    • Minute Clinics
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Managed Health
    • Aetna One Essentials
    • Enhanced Maternity Program
    • Diabetic Meter Program
  • Free Teladoc Services for Non-HSA Members
  • Very few agents have caught on
    • Great arrow for winning new groups

Why BPI In The Aetna Process?


- Scrub requests to ensure speedy response times
- Illustrative quotes upon request (Aetna direct does not run illustrative quotes for agents)


- There are 95 plans per quote
- We spreadsheet every final rate to show you options and suggest sales ideas

& Group

- Aetna is limited to 1 rep in the whole state
- Ongoing service
- We handle claims questions, admin, billing even commissions
- Aetna is an enormous company, we are a local GA


- Rates are the same whether a GA is on a case or not
- Aetna pays commissions and bonuses direct to the agent
- Agents can move groups to new GA’s if current does not perform

Dominic Siciliano

President, Agent Consultant

Over his 18 years in the benefits business Dominic has worked in the Medicare Advantage, small group Blue Cross medical, ancillary GA and large group benefit admin space here in Michigan. His parents and biggest influences, Patricia Siciliano and John McClain, instilled in him the key pillar to GA benefits business—relationships with agents and carriers. Dominic has served as the NABIP West Michigan President twice. He’s run the golf outing several years going and he served at the Legislative Co Chair for the State Board during the passing of PPACA. His Friday morning classes, Employee Benefits 101, is highly regarded in the industry as a practical, real world introduction to the business for new folks. In short, he is passionate about our business and about seeing agents succeed. 

Dominic loves golf and basketball but as he gets older, golf more. He’s a Western grad but a State fan! He most enjoys spending time with wife Janelle and four children outdoors and Up North! From the very early days of BPI when it was just him and Lena in a tiny little office, he hasn’t changed, it’s about getting the job done for agents.