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“Be best at what you do.”

It’s a very simple thing really. 

When you think of it, how many of us actually do that? How many of us have the ability and courage to cut away all the things we think we should do for our clients versus what someone else could do better for them?

I am proud to announce our General Agency, Benefit Profiles Inc, has entered into an affiliate agreement with The Cason Group, a large General Agency with a growing national footprint.

In the large group benefit admin space, there is a change occurring. More and more agents are considering outsourcing their Navigator/EASE departments and going back to doing what they do best, benefits consulting. Benefit Profiles wants to be ready to accept and perform if/when an agent asks us to take on this business. But the reality is we are team of twelve people. 

Cason Group has 50 folks in their ben admin department who deliver best-in-class efficient builds at a clip of 40 to 50 groups a month. They sit in the inner circle of Employee Navigator so they will be leaders in the EASE transition. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner to take on large volumes of cases without sacrificing the quality of experience for you and your clients.

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Dominic Siciliano

President, Agent Consultant

Over his 18 years in the benefits business Dominic has worked in the Medicare Advantage, small group Blue Cross medical, ancillary GA and large group benefit admin space here in Michigan. His parents and biggest influences, Patricia Siciliano and John McClain, instilled in him the key pillar to GA benefits business—relationships with agents and carriers. Dominic has served as the NABIP West Michigan President twice. He’s run the golf outing several years going and he served at the Legislative Co Chair for the State Board during the passing of PPACA. His Friday morning classes, Employee Benefits 101, is highly regarded in the industry as a practical, real world introduction to the business for new folks. In short, he is passionate about our business and about seeing agents succeed. 

Dominic loves golf and basketball but as he gets older, golf more. He’s a Western grad but a State fan! He most enjoys spending time with wife Janelle and four children outdoors and Up North! From the very early days of BPI when it was just him and Lena in a tiny little office, he hasn’t changed, it’s about getting the job done for agents.